Monday, August 30, 2010


OK, here's part of what's going on this week. My friend Tina was diagnosed with epilepsy a couple of years ago, is on medication, and has been doing well. She also has some other health problems that haven't been diagnosed yet. In order to teach the dual enrollment English course next year (academic year), she needs to take six graduate English courses - two a semester. Her family and friends have been worried about her driving to Clarksville which is around 35-40 miles away after teaching all day, not feeling good, and being tired. This semester's classes are from 4:30-7:30 Monday and Wednesday. So I'm going with her.

People over 60 can audit courses free in state universities, so I thought I'd sit in on the classes. I talked with the teacher who said it was OK with her and directed me to the Head of the English Department, who told me it was fine with him as long as the ones teaching the class didn't mind. So that's settled as long as the one Wednesday is OK about it. I hope so because that's the class I prefer to be in.

This Monday class is Composition Theory and Pedagogy. Yeah. First of all, I didn't like teaching composition and really didn't like grading it. Most of what they write is crap. Occasionally it's interesting. I like teaching writing about literature better. Since I never have to teach writing again, this isn't as interesting to me. I can probably learn some new things, though, that I can use to help the grandchildren. Oh wait, I'm wrong! I will have to grade essays on some of the Virtual High School courses, so that writing class will come in handy.

The Wednesday class is Biblio and Methods of Research, which includes some literary theory and appeals to me. We'll see. There's a lobby in the building with couches and chairs that look really comfortable for reading and knitting, which at times I plan to do there. It is an art gallery filled with pieces to look at. Since I've also taught art, this is a treat.

You'll be hearing about this as time goes on. This will cut into my time at home but will be good for me because I'll have a bit of a schedule and be busier.

Ran a bunch of errands today and have more the rest of the week, too. Also need to get the house ready for my little visitor this weekend but mostly need to get "Brendan food" at the grocery. The hardest part now is preparing all those meals since I'm so out of the habit. I eat out quite a bit and just make whatever for myself here at home. Now it feels like a big deal to cook for anyone but me.

I'm meeting Brian tomorrow in Nashville for lunch and to get Brendan's things for when he stays here. I'm looking forward to spending some time with him.

I'll have to get back for training for a new part-time job. I'll be grading work of students at the Virtual High School at the high school where I taught last. It will be done online, and my contract is for 7.5 hours a week. I can do it from home. So I need to go to the Central Office to work out how I'll get paid and sign the contract. More on this as it happens, too.

Several years ago, all this was nothing. Now it feels busy!!


mrs. miss alaineus said...

i also hate grading the writing process. even with a aolid rubric i feel like it's still too subjective, and tend to only assign things that are done in class so that the kids, and not their parents, are the ones doing the work.

the online grading thing sounds interesting- can't wait to hear about what the kids have to say.


froggy said...

This state, for years, had a high stakes writing test. Poor GB had to take it three times to pass it. I signed the 'we will hunt you down and kill you' paper to view it. One point was all he lacked to pass it. This was while the state was reeling because over 60% of the kids failed the high stakes math and science WHICH GB aced the very first time... Drove me nuts.

Sounds like a busy time, we'll be thinking of you.

David Dust said...

Wow - you really ARE busy!! And I'm so glad you are helping out Tina.


Tivo Mom said...

I am impressed. I always feel so busy but this seems like a lot. Good luck with everything and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts about DWTS announcement last night. Crazy, crazy!

mistress maddie said...

Auntie Flame your a real swell friend to have!!!! And now that your going back to school I should send you a new bookbag, lol! I was also just thinking a Tina the other day. Tell her I said hi and to take care!


PS- my word verification is whore!!!! lol,lol,lol can you believe that!

Wonder Man said...

You are a Super Woman

Joy said...

Gosh! Thanks for the compliments. Wow!

Oh, Maddie, that's perfect!! LOL

Berry Blog said...

Busy? I guess the hell. Bless your little heart, pea picker.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

You are an awesome friend.

Sam said...

DAMN!! Joy this makes me feel like a slacker. You are a GO GETTER!!
Tina is so lucky.
Well if you ever get a free minute, I'm here. Oh what are you knitting? I forgot to ask if you ever finished you gift to Mom.

Joy said...

Almost finished with Mother's cardigan!!! Am also knitting a scarf for Charlie.

Joy said...

This is nothing compared to what I used to do. I was really busy then.