Friday, August 27, 2010

Obama the Muslim?

I guess you saw this on Countdown. Great sarcastic humor!

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froggy said...

My parents had me baptized in the Rock of Ages church one of my grandmothers attended. They had me confirmed in the United Church of Canada (Methodist). And somehow I turned out Unitarian (again, they were crafty and we went to their church in Baton Rouge). How come I don't get tagged with all that? And how many other Americans have changed churches, faiths, etc?
The GOP has to stop chasing after silly issues. Or they need to learn to denounce their nutcases and get the media to pay attention. They lost my parents, after 50 years, they managed to chase them out.

Oh, that turned into a rant, didn't it? :-)

Joy said...

Love the rant! Feel free at any time!

Electa said...

Great piece that hit it out of the park.

Wonder Man said...

that's a good one