Saturday, August 21, 2010

Scary, huh?

Karl Rove (@KarlRove) is now following your tweets (@JoyDurhamTN) on Twitter.

Karl Rove
Washington, D.C.
2,569 143,651 165,045
tweets following followers

OK, what happened is that I decided to follow him to see what crap he tweeted, so I suppose he returns the following. Yikes!


froggy said...

Well, how do you rate?!?!

SailorAlphaCentauri said...

Wow. I thought it was bad enough that the Stuff Republicans Like account wanted to follow me on Twitter (I have to give permission since my account is now set to private). What have you been up to in order to get MC Rove's attention?

Wonder Man said...

oh my

froggy said...

Are you going to follow him? You could be like a spy. My aunt was on Jesse Helms' *list* of undesirable people. We were so proud.

Joy said...

I already followed him first as a spy. Now he's retaliated! Of course, we know what I tweet, so he won't get much from me. I think this means I can reply to him, though.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

joy- you infiltrator you!

i get emails from the county teabagging party on occasion- each time i do i forward what they term 'the gay agenda' stuff to them right back....think of all the stuff you could send to kr!


Beth said...

Let him have it, Joy! :D

David Dust said...

This is kinda scary.