Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yes, I am 12.

Yes, Curt, my humor can be very immature. I blame teaching teenagers for almost 40 years for it. That and my habit of running things into the ground can be quite irritating to others. Most of my family and friends ignore me and move on, but I know they heard me and smick to myself. Yes, "smick" is one of them, too. I got it from Tommy's saying, "Just you smick, Dirkie Smothers!"

There are some things I say that I never get tired of and always find amusing. Is this some kind of disorder? Probably. The main thing I like to do is call those plastic wrappers around newspapers "newspaper condoms" and usually just leave it at that but sometimes mutter "for safe reading" afterward. I still think that's funny but probably need to save it for new audiences because I've exceeded my limit with several friends.

I had to retire "it must be free" when the price is not on items in shops. Salespeople never thought that was funny except for maybe two of them. They always corrected me which takes away all the jokiness in a situation when others take the statement seriously. This also happens sometimes when I say Norwegia and Canadia. You just have to let them think you're a dithering dumbass because if you have to explain a joke, it's not worth it. Right?


Howard said...

I have grown quite accustomed to people rolling their eyes at me.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

One should never have to appologize for humor, maybe just find a new audience :o)

David Dust said...

Darling Auntie Flame -

Maybe we should get you some new material. But first ... pull my finger...

THAT never gets old for me.


miss alaineus said...

cheers to being 12!!!!


Boy Toy said...

Oh my goodness...are we still on this!?!?! ;)

I would never have said was only because I had been coaching myself to not say anything inappropriate, you know, when you meet new people that you don't know that well.

So imagine my surprise when Joy turned out to be just like David and The Mistress! It was a very good time, of course.

And thank you for the package. It made it all in one piece. :)

Joy said...

Boy Toy: Oh, Honey, a topic is never over for me! Besides, I've gotten so much mileage from your saying that. My friends love it, and it's become a saying for us now. We did have fun! I'm glad the package got there at last!

Darling David: My material is constantly changing because my funniest lines are spontaneously inserted into conversations. At least I think they're funny. xoxoxox

Thanks so much, Miss A! I'm still so excited about your engagement - for you both!

Howard and Bucko: I know! I know!

Mark in DE said...

I have a friend who stills says Canadia. Its all part of her charm!

Beth said...

Oh, I'm so with you. It's little things that we find amusing that keep us joyful (hey, that's a pun for you!) and having fun in life. You've heard me talk about Cousin Shane, right? His Dad is in his eighties, and still purposefully uses malapropisms, such as calling Chlorox 'Chlortex,' or air conditioning 'air reditioning.' It's total silliness, but Shane and I still crack up over it! Hugs, Beth

Berry Blog said...

Also always wish I had a good come back besides "nevermind" when asked to explain what I found humor in. Must be a snappier response than that