Friday, December 18, 2009


The psychology department of Dayton University reports that loud talk can be ten times more distracting than the sound of a jackhammer. Loud, incessant chatter can make a listener nervous and irritable, and even start him on the road to insanity.

The loudest voice that comes to mind right now is Mary Murphy on So You Think You Can Dance. I don't know how poor Nigel stands it sitting right there beside her while she shrieks, whoops, and shrills. OK, that last word isn't a verb, but it applies.

There are a few former students who also had loud voices, but no one holds a candle to Mary Murphy. Who has a disturbingly loud voice to you?


froggy said...

I haven't seen that show but once watched Paula Deen on Iron Chef - omg! I had to turn it off! I wanted to watch her since she has such an interesting story but now I know why I had to turn it off.

Berry Blog said...

I just can't stand screamers. Some teens have the highest ptiched screams which they use for dramatic effect and not really for distress- it never arouses my sympathy- only my absolute contempt.