Thursday, December 10, 2009

Almost Like Tweeting

There's an IEP meeting at my grandson's school I'm attending today. Then lunch and some shopping. I'll probably go to the yarn shop and knit with my knitting circle when I get back to town. Have a good day!


froggy said...

Hope the IEP mtg goes well. I have never seen a grandmother in an IEP (therapists, psychologists, paid advocates, lawyers...) and you are an extra wonderful g'ma!

Joy said...

Brian & Melissa always include me, which makes me feel good. They've gotten to know me at the school since we're all part of his village. I've been going to the meetings for a couple of years since he was 4. He's made a lot of progress. We like the principal, teachers, and support teachers. The autism specialist for Nashville schools is a goddess.