Thursday, December 17, 2009


Mother and I went shopping today and finished her list. We had a good day and always enjoy each other and think we're really funny. We went to several places and to lunch, of course. We bonded early over shopping long ago and have that all worked out. I learned from her and my aunt and then passed it down to my son. I still have a few gifts to buy - whew! I am looking forward to being with family and enjoy that and need to plan ahead better next year! Where have I heard that before? How about you? Ready yet?


David Dust said...

Because of everyone's financial situations (especially mine) - my family has decided we're not exchanging gifts this year. So Christmas will be a little weird ... but it will be nice spending time in PA.

And it will be wonderful having a week off work.


froggy said...

My bestest Christmas present - Eldest home for two days has been ordered and airline tickets purchased!

mistress maddie said...

Yea tootes, I'm ready. I finish up work on the 23rd. It already pretty quite in my department. Were spending the day shopping! Paid to shop. How nice. I have some cookies to bake yet, but that's about it.

Joy said...

It'll be like another Thanksgiving, David - for a week. I'd like it. Wish we were doing that.

That's a wonderful gift, Froggy!! The best!

You're awesome, Maddie!

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#Debi said...

Still need to get a couple of things for the nieces and nephew, but otherwise Christmas is not only bought, but delivered and opened! My family and friends are so far-flung that we catch Christmas when we can...

Berry Blog said...

Definitely low key here. wondering how mas will be for the Royal family. Seems Queen Elizabeth is reduced to taking the train to work?

Mark in DE said...

We're giving the nieces/nephews gift cards this year since they're all teens now and like to pick out their own stuff. Got a few modest gifts for others, so we're pretty much done with the shopping. Have some things to wrap, and then we're off to Spouse's mom's for 4 days and 4 nights.

Kyle said...

Stan is away to see his mom in PA. I'll be spending the day with our adoptive family and xmas eve with friends. Both are pretty low key. We do get gifts for the kids in our life, but we don't have to worry about the adults or ourselves.