Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leon Redbone

What a treat yesterday when I was driving and heard Leon Redbone sing on the radio. I really like him and saw him in concert too long ago and totally enjoyed it. I can't remember who else performed or which one opened for the other. I'm not sure if Howard has showcased him on his excellent blog because I've missed some posts, but he might know that. Howard knows all! Do any of you like Leon Redbone, too? He's so droll and sardonic and has a distinctive voice. His website is interesting.


Gwyn said...

Ricky and I saw him last year at the Belcourt. I'm thinking he just couldn't possibly be as good as he used to be. Dennis,David and their wives went with us. Dennis was a huge Leon Redbone fan and he was very disappointed. I was actually glad to learn of his disappointment after the show,because I was thinkin' WOW this man appears to be either on tranqulizers or half dead. How could Dennis think he is so awesome?
I really wish you had seen him recently, so I could know your opinion on his current status.

Minton Sparks opened for him. She was awesome as usual.

Joy said...

It's been many years since I saw him and wish I had, too. Sorry I missed that.

I LOVE Minton Sparks and have seen her about four times. Did you go to her shows at TPAC? I went to all of those. She had different people with her at each one. Rodney Crowell was on one of them. I need to write about her and post links again on my blog like I did several years ago.

I bought her DVD for me and for gifts for friends. I can't believe I missed that but didn't hear about it. I need to check her website for dates she's performing.