Sunday, September 13, 2009


I've been thinking about what George W. and Bill Clinton might have done if a Congressman had done what Joe Wilson did during an address to both sessions of Congress. I think W might have made one of his jokes and chuckled. Clinton's face would have turned beet-red and his temper would have flared. Cheney would have shot them in the face and done something unprintable.

What do you think they would have done?


Miss Ginger Grant said...

I can tell you that if Miss Ginger were giving a speech and that asshat shouted "LIAR" she would have fallen silent, glared at him, snapped her fingers and said "Oh, no you di-unt!" Then, she would pull a knife out of her Judith Lieber clutch and CUT the bitch!

Ms. Moon said...

I think W would have accused the screamer of being anti-patriotic. I think Clinton would have ignored him. But who knows? Who the hell knows?

Wonder Man said...

he would be DOA if Bush was still prez

lelocolon said...

Bush would have laughed but trust me, Joe would had been found, with maggots in his mouth the following day. Now Cheney right on the spot right to his face, not only one bullet but 10. And Clinton would turn red and would have prohibited Monica to visit him.

Bob said...

Reagan wouldn't know what was going on.

Bush One would have thrown up.

Clinton would have sent Monica to give The Blow Job Of Death.

Bush Two would have had Dick Cheney shoot the man in the face and then get the man to apologize.