Monday, September 14, 2009

The View Rant

The View is nearly always better when Barbara Walters isn't on it. I get so tired of her bringing up how she interviewed someone whenever just about anyone is mentioned. Whoopi has worked with so many actors and is friends with many of the guests. You can tell by how they greet her. Barbara has to horn in about interviewing them. Just because I taught someone doesn't make me part of their family or one of their friends.

Barbara also can't ever let anyone mention a female news anchor without bringing up how she was the first female co-anchor. Yes, we know! We know! And please quit interrupting Whoopi to explain to the audience who someone is and the background of a story! Whoopi is capable of expressing herself really well!

It's been so nice having Elisabeth on maternity leave. I wish she would decide to stay home with the children and let someone else take her place. There are other Conservative women who are not annoying like she is. They've been on there before when she was on leave, and they were so much better than she is. While I'm at it, Sherri, bless her heart, needs to go, too. Boundaries! Please have some! She tries, but I hope her new show will do well enough for her to devote full-time to it.

I'm not sure why I watch that show.


Sam said...

Joy, you are so right on point here. Sherri was much better before becoming a member fulltime.
The Christian thing to do for Lizabeth is to stay at home and watch her children, dont ya think?
Why is Barbara still on T.V.? Does she think that she will forever? Come on and retire already. It aint that bad. Is it Joy?

Sam said...

looks like I was so horny to be the first post, I forgot to include live on that one line.
Does she think that she will live forever?
Does that still get counted wrong, or will that make it good?
I really cant fail this class. My mom would about die again. But then she would have to be reincarnated and that would really piss her off even more because my Dad is still alive. Then I would have to explain to her that the whole funeral thing was not my idea, and that would then really make her kill over again.
Do I continue or can I be excused now?
Did I tell you that I think you are just about the coolest teacher I've ever ever known.

Ms. Moon said...

I don't watch the show but I do catch clips online sometimes. I just want to strangle that Elizabeth woman. And not in a loving way. What's up with these conservative, Christian, FAMILY VALUES women who drop babies like pez dispensers and then leave them with someone else to raise while they not only go back to work (and let's face it- it's not like her family is going to be in the poor house if she doesn't) AND obviously spend at least four hours a day in the gym because you CANNOT recover from having a baby that quickly unless you do.

Was that a rant within a rant?
Sorry. I lost my mind there for a moment.

Eric Arvin said...

I agree totally. Barbara, Elizabeth, Sherri...get rid of those three. Annoyances.

frogponder said...

Your last sentence made me LOL and Daughter was in the room and asked why so, of course, I had to read her the whole post. She thinks you're funny too.

Bob said...

I know why I watch: for my Whoopi and my Joy!

I used to send nasty letters to Star telling her how obnoxious I thought she was/is, and I would always sign them "Love to Joy."
I never heard from her. Go figure.

Joy said...

Thank you all! I like the rant within a rant, Ms. Moon. Anytime!

You are hilarious, Tugboat! Speaking of horny, Sherri about wears that one out! I loved it when Russell Brand made her speechless by coming on to her celibate self. She's usually all over men touching them and salivating. She needs to have breast reduction surgery to look more in proportion. She loves 'em though.

Tivo Mom said...

I question why I watch as well but it is like a train wreck where you cannot look away. Sherri does not bother me as much as Elisabeth. For me, a conservative, I wish there was a better voice. I don't mind the debate, just not in the condescending voice that she has. Barbara is just old. Half the time she looks confused by what everyone else is discussing. Loved your rant. Gotta get it off our chests don't we?

miss alaineus said...

i've never actually seen it, but at times i would think it would be like a catfight waiting to happen considering who is on the show.

maybe that's exactly what the network is looking for.


#Debi said...

I don't watch the show regularly, since I have a job, but occasionally if I'm off for some reason, I'll flip over for a moment on the way to somewhere else. Listening to 5 women talk about nothing is just not my cup of tea... I am curious though--which conservative women would be good contenders for you for Elizabeth's chair?

lelocolon said...

I think almost everyone summarized my sentiments about the View. It is not the same with Rosie gone. I wish Roseanne Barr will join the crew and then we will have a blast.

Dan said...

Auntie Flame- as always you are 100% on the mark. Babs needs to step aside.
I would like to see Elizabeth come back because I know one of these days Joy is going to back hand her.

Berry Blog said...

I keep it siimple...I don't watch them

Joy said...

I can't remember the name of the one I like best. She was a guest host on there and is blonde, has 5 children, and has written a book. She might be on FOX, but I'm not sure. She disagreed in a rational way, stuck with the issues, and was funny.