Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Decade

And now for the 60's ... I should get some actual pictures of me then to compare. Since I keep being misunderstood, I should explain at this site you use a photo and then fit it into what they have there. The hair and glasses and clothes are the same for everyone. The face is me around 1967 when I first started teaching in this picture from the yearbook at that high school. The others were made HERE


1966 (close to how I looked in '64 and '65)



David Dust said...

The last one CRACKS ME UP!

Love you! Love your 1960's hair!!!


Ms. Moon said...

I find these a teensy bit scary.

frogponder said...

1964 - my first grade teacher plus Sophia Loren makeup. The woman soooo didn't want to be there.

Wonder Man said...

love it, I should do that