Sunday, September 27, 2009


Did any of you see Law & Order this week? The new season started off with a powerhouse of a topic. Jack McCoy's office prosecuted a law professor and the chain of command over torture during the Iraq War. This law professor formerly worked for the Justice Department and wrote the torture rules for the Bush Administration we've heard about now that this has come out in the open. The reason he was arrested was because he killed a veteran who had been at Abu Ghraib. The vet had PTSD from his involvement in torturing prisoners. A federal attorney representing the district tried to stop the trial. He even said that about how the Obama Administration is "looking forward, not backwards" and implied that questioning the actions of our government officials during war is treasonous. This show doesn't shy away from controversial topics. This was quite an episode!


Beth said...

We missed it, but we're hit and miss with Law & Order sometimes. We usually end up seeing it at some point. It's still a great show! And yes, always topical. What do they say? "Ripped from the headlines!"