Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rainy Sunday

The weather is on the verge of a thunderstorm with dark clouds and wind that knocks things off of trees that clang and bang on my metal roof. I feel unsettled, discontent, and disturbed. I was up very late last night or early this morning depending on your point of view since I probably went to bed when some of you were getting up and drinking your coffee. I slept away the morning and had mundane yet strange dreams. Everything is a bit off.

No, I don't know what it is or any cause. The thunder sound more ominous than usual. I wish the wind would sail me away safely somewhere else. I don't want to be here or in my skin but am not sure where or who I'd rather be. Now the rain has come and feels as if it's beating down on my soul during this eerily dark afternoon. Maybe there'll be a rainbow.


Ms. Moon said...

I think weather affects us far more than we realize. But being "modern humans" we don't accept that fact. Silly us.

frogponder said...

We had rain last night for the first time in months! I think May was the last time we saw rain. But not unusual for us as we get 7 inches a year.