Sunday, September 20, 2009

During the Emmys

Since many of you don't watch, don't care, and/or wait to see who won, I'll report on the show for you. This isn't a recap - just a summary. We know who the Magnificent Recapper Extraordinaire is - David Dust! I'm just typing while watching it.

Neil Patrick Harris as host - great idea with a few hits and misses. Was that handsome hot guy sitting next to him when his category was announced his partner?

Kristin Chenoweth won for Supporting Actress in Pushing Daisies, which was the only show of its kind with a quirky premise, outstanding cast, and colorful set. So of course ABC canceled it. This picture is when she was with Aaron Sorkin. I mention him later.

Toni Collette won Lead Actress for United States of Tara which Diablo Cody writes. Wonder if she'll get the Emmy for that? It's on Showtime, so I've never seen it - just excerpts. Wonder Man wrote about a horror film that Diablo Cody wrote that's out now - Jennifer's Body. I'm a horror movie wimp and will have to see on DVD if I watch it.

So far the Emmys are funnier than I usually remember the show being. Or maybe because it's just been the comedy categories.

Jon Cryer won Supporting Actor for Two and a Half Men.

Alec Baldwin won Lead Actor. He's good on 30 Rock, but I hoped Jim Parsons would win for being Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. 30 Rock wins many many awards, but I've never been as into it as others. I have a long list of those shows, though.

The Family Guy bit wasn't funny. Maybe I'm glad I don't watch it.

This is a good idea. They have divided awards into categories. Comedy and now Reality. I like it.

Maksim and Karina are dancing, and they broke their engagement but still dance together quite well.

Crap! Jeff Probst won for best reality show host for Survivor. I was hoping for Tom Bergeron because he does so well on DWTS or for Heidi because we know how well she does on Project Runway. But no! He or that Amazing Race guy usually win. I like reality shows about people who actually have a talent and can do things. The Amazing Race won again for reality show. I don't get it. I've watched some of it, but it doesn't appeal to me that much.

Movies and Miniseries

Shohreh Aghdashloo - Supporting Actress for House of Saddam, which I watched on HBO. She's standing at Sadam's right.

Ken Howard - Supporting Actor for Grey Gardens. Funny bit when he said he would make his speech brief in the hope it wouldn't be interrupted by a congressman or rapper. He thanked a stunt woman who gave him a kidney. I didn't realize that happened.

Brendan Gleeson - Lead Actor for Into the Storm. I didn't see that even though it was on HBO. Maybe I can watch it on On Demand, or they might bring it back.

Little Dorritt won for writing and directing. The director is a woman Dearbhla Walsh, an Irish lesbian, I think, since she thanked her partner and the camera panned to the woman who sat beside her.

Jessica Lange - Lead Actress for Grey Gardens which also won for Best Movie Made for TV.

Little Dorritt won for Outstanding Miniseries. Generation Kill was nominated. Remember Eric?


Various winners for directing, writing, and show are American Idol, The Daily Show.


Michael Emerson - Supporting Actor in Lost. He does creepy well.

Cherry Jones - Supporting Actress for 24. She's from Paris, Tennessee, and has been in a relationship with Sarah Paulson for a long time. Despite what my son says about it, I liked Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Yeah, it could have been better, but I like Aaron Sorkin's mediocre writing better than many writers' best efforts.

Guest Actor - Michael J. Fox for Rescue Me

Guest Actress - Ellen Burstyn for Law & Order: SVU

Directing - Rod Holcomb for ER

Writing - Kater Gordon and Matthew Weiner for Mad Men (good speech)

Lead Actress - Glenn Close for Damages (I can't watch that show because her character is evil and horribly mean with no redeeming qualities - I tried it several episodes but had to quit)

Lead Actor - Brian Cranston in Breaking Bad. (What is this show? He won it last year.)

Outstanding Comedy Series - 30 Rock

Outstanding Drama Series - Mad Men (I missed this from the beginning and am going to have to catch up with DVD's)


#Debi said...

All I saw was when Dearbhla Walsh went up to receive her Emmy. Whoever fit her dress for her should have been shot.

Dan said...

i watched bits and pieces, thought it was an ok show, but i tend to just read the recaps :)

David Dust said...

The Family Guy skit really only made sense if you watch the show. I was laughing hysterically.

I wonder why Cherry Jones wasn't sitting beside her girlfriend. When she won, she kissed the man sitting next to her, and walked onstage. Weird.


BTW - That WAS NPH's partner sitting beside him. His name is David.

Wonder Man said...

My partner sat next to Shohreh Aghdashloo at a dinner. He said she was very beautiful and nice

Rhea said...

I adore "Mad Men" and think it's one of the best-written shows on TV. Glad it was recognized again with an award.

Sam said...

Pushing Daisy was such a cool show. Ms. Cheneworth is so so talented, her speech was touching. No wonder you havent been on facebook, look at all this blogging!

Berry Blog said...

At last I can watch TV on Sunday nights instead of grading papers and doing lesson plans. However I just couldn't stay interested in this show. I apparently have very different taste than most of America. I did get Grey Gardens and House of Saddam through netflix and thought they were well done.Jessica Lange was outstanding.Enjoyed seeing the houses in the Hamptons-recognized quite a few. ( and of course I was familiar with all of Saddam's mansions whilst I'm namedropping)