Thursday, September 17, 2009

Project Runway

"I'm woeful, Johnny. Right now it looks like a craft project gone awry."
"I'm incredulous at that utterly preposterous feeling of fiction that Johnny did on the runway. It was ridiculous!"
LOVE Tim Gunn!

And when is Michael Kors coming back?


Bob said...

I couldn't believe Johnny would lie like that on the runway and not expect to get called out.

I also love Tim's "It looks like the birds are attacking the dress" line!

Love me some TG!

frogponder said...

Around here we address him as SIR TIM!
Sooooooooo miss Michael and Nina!

Dan said...

Michael who? :)

Chris said...

Tim Gunn was pissed at him, no hug goodbye.

I too miss Michael Kors, he's always good for a gem.