Monday, May 18, 2009

DWTS 8 - Week 11

The Finals

This is the last week of competition. The Final Three! Who will win? Gilles, I hope!

Each couple will dance the Paso Doble and a free-style dance for the finals. They have a dance-off for the paso doble by dancing along with each other at times and individually as couples. There will be one more judges' score tomorrow night, and that will be it.

Shawn Johnson & Mark Ballas

Dance: Paso Doble and Free-Style (58/60)

Score: 9/9/10 = 28 and 10/10/10 = 30 (last week 56/60)

Critique: Shawn and Mark began the competition with their Paso Doble which was to a rock song instead of a Latin one. Shawn was intense and serious. She did a good job with this, but is so young and cute that it's like "Gidget does the Paso."

Apolo Anton Ono came by rehearsal to encourage her; however, he told her there was no Olympian who made it to the semi-finals who didn't finish as a winner. Pressure! They began this dance with sparkly masks and black garbage-bag cat burglar outfits. Then they took those off and had sparkly slacks with lime green tops. It was an energetic, youthful dance. Shawn was in her element with this and looked like she was having fun with it. The judges loved it. Bruno stood which usually means a 10 from him. Carrie Ann said they lived up to expectations with a creative, energetic dance. I see 10's ahead for them.

Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani

Dance: Paso Doble and Free-Style (56/60)

Score: 10/9/10 = 29 and 9/9/9 = 27 (last week 55/60)

Critique: Melissa had on an Mel B. costume for her Paso Doble and was no Mel (who should have won)! She did those pointed toe, high leg ballet moves. She bumbled some of it but did pretty well. The judges scored her too high based on their critiques.

Their free-style dance was the most physical routine Tony said he's ever choreographed but wanted to take some risks for the finals. It was sort of hip-hop and had lifts and leaps - very fast and physical. Her outfit showed off her tramp stamp again. The judges weren't as complimentary as Tony hoped. They discussed how elegant she is and how this was more cheerleadery. This is music to my ears!! I am not for Melissa and would like for her to come in 3rd place. I don't watch it, but my sister-in-law said her attitude on The Bachelor made her not like Melissa.

Gilles Marini & Cheryl Burke

Dance: Paso Doble and Free-Style (58/60)

Score: 10/10/10 = 30 and 9/10/9 = 28 (last week 60/60)

Critique: He smoldered and looked Spanish. He was the best dancer and was a leading man, according to Bruno. Cheryl choreographs the dances so well and brings out the best in her student partners and showcases their personalities.

OMG! Did she bring out his personality! They danced to "What A Feeling" and built from its slow beginning to a faster pace. It was fun and hot, but at times he didn't move very much in a dancing way. He can wear a pair of jeans, too! Len loved it. Bruno didn't stand and wanted more dancing. Carrie Ann agreed and said it was an odd choice. I see a couple of 9's coming up. Yep!


gigihawaii said...

Since I live in Hawaii, I haven't seen it yet. But, like you, I hope Gilles wins. He is the best overall throughout the season.

#Debi said...

Somewhat related, I ordered my first thing from an infomercial on Sunday, the Core Rhythms dance workout system. The ad featured Len and Tony, as well as other dancers. I used to belly dance, and this looks similar enough that I think I'll enjoy it and actually DO it. I'll let you know! :)

Joy said...

I've thought about ordering that and might. Is this the one with Maks on it? I want that one!

ZenDenizen said...

My picks never win - Mel B., Mario, etc. I'm really hoping I voted for a winner this time :) And yes, Gilles can totally rock a pair of jeans!!!!

#Debi said...

It's this one...

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