Monday, May 11, 2009

DWTS 8 - Week 10

The Semifinals

They all went back over all their dances leading to the semifinals and discussing their progress on each one. I just want to say that I'm going to be really bummed if Melissa wins this. Gilles must win!

Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani

Dance: Quickstep and Cha-Cha (55/60)

Score: 9/10/9 = 28 and 9/9/9 = 27 (last week 57/60)

Critique: Tony had Melissa practice her footwork over and over. Because of her ballet training, she's good at kicking her leg high and pointing her toes. This quickstep was light and fun. I've seen better even before this stage of the competition. Len thought it was really good, but Bruno and Carrie Ann agree with me. Hmmm! They said it was pretty but not emotionally engaging. Len gave them a 10.

Bruno said she didn't sustain her energy all the way through her cha-cha. Carrie Ann thanked her for taking direction from the last dance. Len said he liked it but thought it was a little lackluster at times. She's technically really good but seems detached somehow.

Gilles Marini & Cheryl Burke

Dance: Waltz and Salsa (60/60)

Score: 10/10/10 = 30 and 10/10/10 = 30 (last week 56/60)

Critique: Jonathan Roberts came to rehearsal to show Gilles how he needed to look sophisticated and classic when he dances the waltz. It worked! This was elegant and smooth and lovely. Bruno loved it and said it was irresistibly romantic. Carrie Ann said that's the reason people watch ballroom dancing to be taken away to a place of fantasy and praised Cheryl's choreography. Len said he was giving them a sitting down standing ovation. I see 10's coming up. YES!!!

Oh wow! I loved it! So did Carrie Ann! Wow!!! I've never heard Len say that he wished he had an 11 paddle! Bruno said he deserves to be in the finals. He's been getting my votes each week, so I'm doing all I can. Not only is Gilles sexy and hot, he seems genuine. He spoke respectfully and sweetly about his father and how hard he worked. He obviously loves his wife and children which is also a turn-on.

Shawn Johnson & Mark Ballas

Dance: Argentine Tango and Jive (56/60)

Score: 10/10/10 = 30 and 9/8/9 = 26 (last week 56/60)

Critique: Shawn had a problem with the lifts. This seemed sort of choppy to me and not intense and sharp the way I've seen some dance it. She got the lifts right but something didn't feel right about the dance. It's as if she were concentrating so much on doing it right that her personality didn't come through. Carrie Ann thought she did deliver the emotional content. Len thought it was her best performance. Bruno thought she was Catherine Zeta Shawn from Chicago in "She Had It Coming." I thought it was great technically but didn't get anything emotionally from it. Maybe you had to be there. Maybe it's because she dances right after Gilles does.

I liked Shawn's jive because it was peppy and enthusiastic and fits her personality. Of course she had to stretch more to do the tango and paso doble. This is more age-appropriate which makes it better, too. The judges, on the other hand, thought it was fun and energetic but lagged a bit at times. Obviously I can't tell how Shawn dances!

Ty Murray & Chelsie Hightower

Dance: Viennese Waltz and Samba (48/60)

Score: 8/9/8 = 25 and 8/7/8 = 23 (last week 46/60)

Critique: Ty said his fans went out on a limb and kept him on the show over a better skilled dancer, and he needed to show them it was justified. His waltz shows how much he's improved. He didn't seem that stiff but had great posture and good footwork. He was pretty good. Len said he didn't think anyone has worked harder and tried more than Ty has and that it was fabulous. Bruno said he knew why America loves him but that he flailed about all over the place. Then he and Len got into a shouting match. Carrie Ann said it wasn't his best dance. Then all three of them had a shouting match. Tom scurried Ty and Chelsie off the stage and diverted attention back to the show.

I can't imagine Ty doing a samba. But he did! His footwork was good and his butt shaking was brave and difficult to describe. Len praised Chelsie for doing a fantastic job. The judges all praised his dedication and hard work. I just love him! He's a great guy!


Jimbo said...

It's going to be SO interesting to see where this goes, tonight. Easily, it should be TY going home tonight but after last week's turn of events, it could easily be Shawn or even Melissa. I think I would rather see Melissa go home, believe it or not, if Ty stays. It would be awful if Gilles went home.

Joy said...

I know! Me, too, Jim! Something about Melissa gets on my nerves. She's the second-best dancer but just doesn't do it for me.

ZenDenizen said...

I've accepted the fact that Melissa will probably win. ABC just wants a feel good story that would somehow promote their upcoming Bachelorette series, too.

Gilles did seem genuine though, didn't he? I hope he has a bigger role in the upcoming Sex and the City movie.

Sam said...

What a great recap, I feel like I watched it. Thanks. Love me some Chelsea, remember her from so you think you can dance.

Berry Blog said...

Love Ty, Love Ty, Love Ty, Love Ty
wouldn't turn down the others either. Pick me, pick me..

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