Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DWTS 8 - Final Results

Each couple did a final dance for the judges to score. Shawn and Mark did their cha-cha and received 30 making the total judges' score 88/90. She danced so well and looked as if she were having fun. It was energetic and precise. She's so cute and young with a strong work ethic that an Olympic gold medalist would have.

Melissa and Tony danced the samba and performed really well. Tony said she was the best partner he's had on DWTS. Sometimes the one I've wanted won and other times not. I agree that she's the Brooke Burke of this season, and I didn't want her to win either. Watching Lil' Kim dance made me wish she'd gotten to the finals. The judges drooled all over Melissa during their critique. Her scores totalled 30 which gave her a total score of 86/90.

Gilles and Cheryl danced the Argentine tango. I'm glad because I love the way they dance that. So hot, intense, and passionate! Wooo! The judges thought so, too, raved and praised. Their score was 30 which gives them 88/90.

And the winner of Season 8 is Shawn. Melissa came in 3rd. I cannot believe this. Crap! This is just wrong. Gilles was robbed!!! I am so bummed. The best dancer did not win. This almost makes me not want to watch DWTS ever again, much less recap it.


Chris said...

I thought the judges gushed of Gilles far more than he deserved and dissed Melissa far more than she deserved.

I really wanted Melissa to win because I think it would have been a great story - she was in my opinion the better of the three dancers.

I am gladd that if Melissa didn't win that it was Sahwn because I really just didn't like Gilles. Not that he wasn't really good, because he was - I just thought he was far too overrated.

Bob said...

As I said, I don't watch, but Monday, while channel surfing, I caught a recap of the Gilles and Cheryl Show.
I am smitten.
He seems so sweet and nice and unbelievably handsome. I made Carlos stay out of the room until I, um, composed myself.
Sorry that he lost.

Sam said...

Sorry you boy didn't win. I just knew you were going to be bummed out when I heard Shawn won. Atleast you have the memories of him half naked.

ZenDenizen said...

*sigh* Shawn is adorable and all but hey coming in 2nd was a boost to Mario Lopez' career. Let's hope we see more of Gilles soon!

mistress maddie said...

I too was hoping Lil'Kim would have made the finals or won:( But after she was let go, I was with you and hoping Gilles would have won. Never again.

Jimbo said...

I'm thrilled Melissa was out of the competition. I thought for sure it would be Gilles. I'm bummed that it's not but I'm happy for Shawn. I guess their freestyle was well received while the one that Gilles and Cheryl performed lacked the WOW factor. He was such a gentleman at the end, such a class act. The better dancer didn't win. I think there may have been a bit of patriotism that played into the final vote.

Oh well...at least it wasn't Melissa. :)

Until next season, Joy. We've got some time off to refresh. Hopefully the next cast will be exciting.

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