Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is Heartbreaking

This video about Sarah Palin's wolf-killing policy is heartbreaking. It's from Defenders of Wildlife explaining why they endorse Obama & Biden. Here's what they wrote on their website about it:

"Sarah Palin not only condones the aerial hunting of wolves and bears, she actively promotes it," continued Schlickeisen. "She has even gone so far as to propose a bounty of $150 for every severed left foreleg of a wolf the hunters can produce. Her promotion of this ghastly and unscientific program - which she pursues while simultaneously suing the federal government to eliminate protections for the imperiled polar bear - offers voters a glimpse of her values and character that is quite different from the picture carefully crafted by the McCain-Palin campaign's professional speechwriters. It should also provide voters with a good idea of what a McCain-Palin administration's approach to stewardship of our nation's natural resources would be like. Americans deserve to know about this real side of Sarah Palin before they make up their minds about her.

"Put simply, if voters care at all about the environment, about protecting our air, land, water and wildlife for future generations, then they should look past the misleading rhetoric of the McCain-Palin campaign and support Obama-Biden," concluded Schlickeisen.


Vicki said...

I couldn't watch the video just reading what you'd said about it. And some women are PROUD to have her represent us? Aarrrggghhh!

Berry Blog said...

McCain would be better off to run alone. but who would be next? Speaker of the House? lol

This kind of murder is intolerable.