Monday, September 1, 2008

Tangled Webs

I predict that the RNC will take Sarah Palin off the ticket during the convention and make McSame choose someone they know something about. What bothers me are the same things that are upsetting about many fundamentalist religious fanatics who don't prepare their children for life. As I've mentioned before, there's an epidemic of teenage pregnancy. When I retired, I counted over 35 students who were pregnant or already had babies out of a student population of around 1,000. Something has to be done about this!

Unfortunately, the misguided parents don't explain about safe sex, responsible sex, and consequences the way I did when I explained and discussed this with my son. They are doing a great disservice to their children when they don't talk frankly and honestly about sex. To advocate a strict abstinence policy that allows no mention of condoms is crazy. I've worked with teenagers during most of my career as a teacher, and I know how they are. We need to prepare them to be responsible, productive, independent members of society who can make informed decisions. How can they do that without information?

These evangelicals do not want sex education taught in schools and don't do it themselves. So I wonder about all this with Sarah Palin's daughter. Rumors are that the baby is her daughter's. If so, the decision to cover this up and pretend he's her baby will cause so many problems for her daughter and the baby. What should have happened is to have had responsible sex talks with her children that would have helped prevent pregnancy in the first place. Then if this is her daughter's baby, she should have said what she's saying now about this latest news that Bristol is pregnant. All she had to do was say that her daughter had a baby and that because she and the baby's father are so young, that they are helping her bring up the baby, which anyone would understand. The boy's family could and should be involved in the baby's life if that is feasible. Now they are saying she's pregnant and will marry the father. Yes, let's compound the situation and just make it look better.

So now it looks as if they are saying that Bristol, the daughter, is five months pregnant to dispel rumors that she's the baby's mother. If so, why not just say that she did have this baby and that they wanted to protect her and the baby instead of making up an implausible story? It's incredibly sad to me that now all this will be so public in disturbing ways instead of being handled in an adult, loving, concerned manner. What people do to their children breaks my heart. I've seen too much of it during the years.

Instead, now Palin will probably be sent back to Alaska unless she remains as the candidate and drags her family through all this scrutiny and innuendo unnecessarily. I suppose now they'll have to invent a miscarriage to continue the lies when all this could have been avoided at several stages. The cardinal rule of lying is to keep it simple and then to believe that what you are saying is the truth. This is a tangled web of deceit and not what we need to focus on except for the impulsive choice McCain made in choosing her as well as how miserably she mismanaged this situation.

I know something about this situation, as you know, and am concerned.


Oxy said...

Very interesting and plausible thoughts about Palin's child. If the daughter was pregnant, surely McCain would have been informed? I think it opens up a whole new 'game' and the result is far from clear. I think it certainly has been an 'own goal' for the Reps.
The 'Pundits of the Hustings' here in the UK are now predicting Obama. However, they add that after four years, he will get out because the US public will begin to realize that all his 'change' was rhetoric (sorry Joy and others, but I thought his speech was awful, and just feeble with promises of 'more jam tomorrow', pure rhetoric - but he is an attorney after all). That's when Hillary will stand, and probably win. Please don't flame me, this is the view of the sometime puerile Press over here!
It's certainly going to be an interesting few weeks!

Debster said...

We have loads of sex education in the UK and the highest child pregnancy rate in Europe.

Joy said...

I guess it's that "leading a horse to water" thing, isn't it?

Chris said...

I am going to practice restraint, at least for now, with all the nasty things I could say about that whench Palin and her offspring.

So instead I'll just offer a virtual hug to my pal Joy!!!

Obama/Biden 2008

Joy said...

Well, it appears that the FRNC is keeping Palin because the evangelicals love nothing more than a sinner they can pray for. I guess there will be testimonies and repentance, which the Baptists get off on. Gag!

Go ahead, Chris. Don't hold back! You'll be preaching to the choir.

Obama was right on 60 Minutes when he said the Republicans were bad at governing but good at campaigning while the Democrats could govern but weren't that good at campaigning.

Shonda Little said...

I read a conservative calvonist blog today that said he is praying, seriously praying, that McCain is elected and then dies so that the country can have the righteous, Christian president God intends. I was pretty freakin' scared.

Joy said...

OMG! That's beyond horrible.

Berry Blog said...

Seems rather clear that the Republicans at the convention are more than willing to ignore all this information. Maybe they don't check the media or public opinion during the Party's party.
I suppose the speech making at conventions don't really have to account for much since the big boys are all in the back room writing the policies(platform) that usually pass muster without a fuss. How much input in that process do the candidates actually have?