Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DWTS - Week Two Results

Warren and Kym did their paso doble for the encore dance the judges choose. Dramatic and powerful and this time they didn't get tangled in their costumes. So here's the countdown to the bottom two and then the couple who will not be on next week. I think it will probably be Cloris or Kim.

1. Toni and Alec (Good! I'm glad.)
2. Rocco and Karina (Yea!!! What a relief, and they were so surprised!)
3. Cody and Julianne (Awww, sweet!)
4. Brooke and Derek (Yes, should have been!)
5. Susan and Tony (That's good!)
6. Warren and Kym (Great!!)
7. Maurice and Cheryl (Yes!)
8. Lance and Lacey (OK)
9. Misty and Maks (Thank goodness! Gotta keep seeing Maks.)

Well, I was right about the bottom two.

10. Cloris and Corky (Squeaked by.)
11. Kim and Mark are gone.

You can see why they played "I Like Big Butts" last week when she danced. She's got some junk in that trunk for sure! Men like that, I understand, but wouldn't know personally since my trunk is like the back of a VW Beetle. So sad.


Berry Blog said...

Pretty much I watched Cloris for the color. Can't really get into this show. Cloris doesn't take criticism well does she? What the hell does she expect to look like at 82?I thought she was a helluva good sport just to be on it, but didn't expect she'd expect to be as lithe as a 22 year old. She doesn't entertain with her shenanigans and idiosyncrasies as much as she demands attention with them.She's making the most of it with the talk shows however. Maybe she's squeaking by because she's good promotion.

Joy said...

I agree!