Friday, September 26, 2008

Craig in Nashville!

Craig Ferguson is coming to TPAC in Nashville January 24! I'll probably go if I can find someone who will go with me. It's more fun with company. I watch his show every night and think he's hilarious. I'd love to see him in person.


Berry Blog said...

Yes, and if someone goes with you, you are assured of your bragging rights.( I touched his thigh...swoon)

Joy said...

Oh, I won't be that close to him. He'll be on stage, and I'll be sitting back somewhere in the audience. I don't have to get near him. He already ignores my emails just the way Scaryduck ignores me on his blog. I'm so pitiful! LOL

Berry Blog said...

I noticed quite a few bloggers don't acknowledge comments. Maybe they get too many or maybe they don't care. Or maybe they don't figure it's part of the game.
Don't feel you are the only pitiful one....heh heh heh