Sunday, September 7, 2008


Remember Jane Curtin's character on SNL who talked about her husband "the late Mr. Loopner who, God rest his soul, was born without a spine"? The Democrats have been Mr. Loopners far too long. I'm glad to see Obama stand up to accusations and fight back. Let's hope we now have a spine and know how to use it!


Oxy said...

'Let's hope we now have a spine and know how to use it!'
I agree - now that's dangerous! But so far, I've seen little of that coming from Obama. 'Change' seems to be the theme. But to what? Or what he'll 'change'?
Sorry Joy, I know you'll hate me for that one! In my view, Hillary was a better bet! At least you knew when she was lying. And before you castigate me, all pols do!

Berry Blog said...

Obama does seem quiet lately but the Repubs seem to be dominating the news...probably because of the sensationalism the new duo has caused just by "being".
Seems we are right back into both sides claiming the same things. Jon Stuart did a great vignette on the similarities of candidates through the years all saying exactly the same thing n the same theme-Change. Brilliant film research whoever did the grunt work.

Mandi said...
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