Friday, September 26, 2008


My son posted a meme with these directions: Replace any single word in a line of movie dialogue with the word, "cake."

Click here to read his blog. Here is his line from Serenity - Mr. Universe: "You guys always bring me the best cake."

This is my contribution from A Few Good Men: "The cake! You can't handle the cake!"

Apocalypse Now: "I like the smell of cake in the morning."

The Godfather: "I'll make you a cake you can't refuse."

Any of you want to play along and make up some? If so, entertain us! Should we mention the movie or not?


doggybloggy said...

apocalypse now: 'the cake, the cake the cake'

Joy said...

and from the same movie: "I like the smell of cake in the morning."