Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah, We Hardly Know You!

Were any of you able to watch the FRNC speeches? I got too pissed off to stick with any of them except Palin's and thought she came across as one of those "mean girls" in school - sarcastic and used to getting her way. Sort of a pretty female version of Dick Cheney with better aim.

What are your thoughts?

Btw, some of the photos circulating the 'net were photoshopped. Here's the Snopes report about them. I was going to post one but decided to check it out first. Oh well.


Berry Blog said...

Probably the roar of the crowd and smell of the greasepaint, but i got concerned that so many people seemed to be buying into her. Speech makers may make good actors but not necessarily good administrators. I don't like the sound of the past that has been revealed about her so far. For such brief experience, she seems clouded in controversy already. What's she going to do when she gets up with the big boys and the more subtle games of corruption?
Two Alaskan friends of mine now in Maine say that they benefited greatly from oil companies long before she came on the scene. citizens up there don't have state taxes and receive subsidies from the oil companies from way back. Did she really confront them or did they smile and "seem" to give in to her?

David Dust said...

I had NO IDEA that Tina Fey was the Republican Governor of Alaska. Or was such a stank bitch.


Joy said...

Yes! I'm going to watch SNL for sure to see Tina Fey. Don't you know she's thrilled about this? Good call!

Good questions, Charlie! I wonder that, too.