Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bunny Suicide

Have you seen this site about The Book of Bunny Suicide? Check these out. Sick and twisted and funny! These are NOT Dust Bunnies - just regular everyday suicidal bunnies.

(For Charlie)

As someone who has spent some time depressed, I guess it's part of the job description to think about suicide some. I definitely have. The thing is that when you're depressed, anything that doesn't involve just covering up in the middle of the bed waiting for it takes too much energy. Depressed people can't just think, "I'm going to get the mail." No, they have to go through every step of the process and think, "The mail. (heavy sigh) First I have to get out of this chair. Then I have to walk into the bedroom and put on some shoes. First the right shoe. Oh me. Then the left shoe. Wow. Now after that I'd have to walk even farther to the door. Out one room. Into the hall. Into the living room. There's the door. No, this is too much trouble. I'll just stay here in this chair or move over to the couch and take a nap. That's better."

See what I mean? So watching a cute bunny attempt suicide by clever methods is funny to a morbid person like me. Because when we aren't in the midst of a really deep depression, we want to live. Mild depressions don't bring that on.


Debster said...

You could always move over to England - it plops right onto your hall mat so no borhter about shoes etc.

Mind you everything else about the country is fucked.

Debster said...

Even the spell check doesnt work ...

Joy said...

I've definitely thought about it but couldn't afford it there - too expensive. I am going to visit again, though.

Berry Blog said...

Depression is all over the TV psa's, but i find that it is rather taboo to talk about depression. It's one of those things nobody knows what to do for you and one of those things few like to admit they suffer from. so many seem to feel it's a choice and that one should simply get off the pity pot and grow up.

Berry Blog said...

Love the bunny suicides..mostly futile attempts that make me laugh the most or like the clock...time to change one's mind.
I always liked the sick jokes back some years ago. I hated the aspect of being a teacher and knowing the inappropriateness, unable to share them- even in the teachers' room.
We once had two gals, friends since childhood, who kept everyone laughing with one off color story after another and especially when depression set in and one ran to the teacher's room it was a real pick me up.One of them was always there to share some terrible but innocuous joke that had you in tears laughing then came sexual harassment laws, and the joy went out of the teachers' room. Teachers actually snitched on each other. Nobody dared to speak after that.