Thursday, September 18, 2008


Charlie and I were awake and emailing around the same time that Friday night the police invaded. That made me feel better, too. He suggested that I get in touch with the police station and let them know what happened. I did call Saturday, but no one was in the office. Then I didn't manage to find a convenient time to call, but I'll try to do that tomorrow. This is part of what Charlie emailed me: "Even if he didn't have time for manners, he could have come back later. He didn't know if you had heart trouble or sickness that might have been affected by his terror tactics."

This is true. I'll keep you posted on what happens when I call. I hope a former student still works in the office there. I also taught her ex-husband, present husband, and daughter. They are neat people, and I just love her, her husband, and daughter. Small towns, right?


I called my friend at the police station and told her what happened. She said she'd pass the information along to the Chief of Police. He called me later to ask more about it and said he'd find out why they went to the wrong house. He said they should have apologized. Now we come to the bad part. After he asked me what the officer looked like, I described as closely as I could remember how tall I thought the policeman was and what he looked like. According to him, the three who had been dispatched to investigate a fight didn't fit my description. Of course! I told him what I've said for years that my greatest fear is that I'll be the only witness to a crime and not be able to help much. I told him I was so scared that I was like the deer in the headlights and didn't think to ask his name again or get his badge number or the number on the police car. He laughed sympathethically and said he understood. He knows me because he was chairman of the school board and I taught with his brother. That might not have helped. I said so many things were going through my mind that I felt sort of paralyzed. He also asked if they said, "Police! Police!" when they knocked on the door. I told him I didn't hear anyone say that.

Added because of David's confusion: Yes, they were the actual police. According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator, those of us who are off the charts on Intuitive and not that great at Sensory will notice that someone was worried about something and can pick up on subtle emotional cues but not be able to let you know what they had on, what day it was, where we saw them, or other details like that. So I knew the policeman was poised for action and urgently left to follow up on the call.

So anyway, Charlie, I've called. I told him I wasn't issuing a complaint but just wanted him to know. He said he would definitely look into it because they shouldn't have gone to the wrong street and should have identified themselves. I think I feel better now. Not sure.


David Dust said...

So does this mean these guys WEREN'T police officers? Or just rude police officers? I'm confused.


Joy said...

YES, they were policemen. I'm just oblivious when it comes to all those details. I did, however, notice that he seemed poised for action and urgently left to go to the scene of the crime. That's the kind of thing I notice - not how tall he is, what color his hair is, and important stuff like that. I'm hopeless.

Berry Blog said...

Intuitive and visual I would have been able to describe him but not pick up essential details either.
They damned well owe you an apology and should come to the house on little cat's paws and do it in person. The last thing we need is to feel terrorized and at the mercy of our police forces we pay for to protect us...not scare the pants off us.
Good for you for following it up.

Dan said...

I will have to share a very unsettling story about my police sting once. I couldnt remeber a cops face if my life depended on it!

Joy said...

Please do, Dan.

Charlie, I feel better in some ways and sort of nervous in others about this. Not sure why.

Perky Skeptic said...

Holy cow!!! You need to email me when something like this happens!!! I'm so glad you're all right!