Saturday, March 27, 2010


Showtime is having a free weekend, so I'm at On Demand watching Nurse Jackie and understanding why the awards and praise for Edie Falco. Also seeing Dexter and the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow). I've rented the DVDs of the first season since I saw it on CBS and wanted to see the uncensored version. I'll check out Weeds and some others if I have time. I'm going to knit this afternoon with the group since I haven't been in a few weeks.

Tomorrow morning is church for me - NPR's "Says You," "Studio 360," and the best of all "Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!" I totally enjoy that time of being home churched. Brendan calls me now fairly regularly and performs for me. He called this morning and then I talked with Brian a while. We said we hoped "Wait Wait" comes to Nashville and that Roy Blount, Jr. and Paula Poundstone will be on the panel if they do. Roy went to Vanderbilt, so it would be neat for him to be in Nashville for a taping. I follow Peter Sagal on Twitter and have asked him about bringing the show here. Hope they do. Tina, Paige, and I went to see "Says You" and enjoyed it. I'd like to see Michael Feldman's "What Do You Know?" if they ever come to Nashville.

OK - off to the knitting group! Hope you have a good weekend! Beautiful weather here today - cool and sunny. I'll get out and walk some.


froggy said...

Have you read the Dexter books? First time ever that I like the tv/movie version of the book better. After the last book I refuse to read anymore.

Joy said...

No, I didn't read those and am glad after what you just wrote about them. I'm almost through the season of Dexter with John Lithgow on it as the Trinity Killer. I don't have to rent those DVD's now.