Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Need to Check into This

In 1939, Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a novel titled Gadsby. Its 267 pages and 50,000 words do not contain a single letter "e".


froggy said...

So off to Wikipedia (what better place to be at 2.36am PST) and I found-

A lipogram (from Attic lipagrammatos, "missing symbol") is a kind of writing with constraints or wordplay consisting of writing paragraphs or books in which a particular symbol or group of symbols is missing — usually a common non-consonant, most commonly (in a South British lingo familiar to Milton) that symbol which is fifth in standard lists of Latin's script glyphs.

And guess which letter is not present in the above paragraph?

Aled Hughes said...

Now, that is brilliant writing!

Joy said...

Thanks for the information, Froggy. I wondered how that could be done, and now I know!

Yes, it is, Aled.