Monday, March 22, 2010

Redneck State

Not only are both Senators going to vote against the HCB (no surprise), but some citizens are petitioning the State Attorney General to sue to prohibit a federal mandate to require Tennesseans to buy into it. I hate it here. Alexander said the only thing bipartisan about it is the opposition to it. President Obama said at an appearance not long ago, “I tried to pass a bill the Republicans sponsored, but when they saw I agreed to it, they changed their minds and voted against me.”


lelocolon said...

It is interesting how the party of less government has become the party of dictatorship. Repugs are so in need for a wash down

Berry Blog said...

you summed it up well...the whole damned thing. I guess my frustration is that so many people are so willing so swallow the outrageous behavior of the Republican party. It's damned dirty business.Our two wonderful senators up here, though Republican we love them for their usual independent thinking, voted against the bill.
Since they both have done little or nothing to change that retirement law for teachers, I will be against them strongly in November if either of them has to run.
Frankly, I'm for a mass movement to throw them ALL out of office and start fresh.but I do have champions among them.
Today it was reported that open name calling was done in the halls. and the Republicans just smiled at the N word for one Black lawmaker, and the epithets they called Barnies.
xoxo Charlie

mrs. miss alaineus said...

our state a.g. is also filing a lawsuit.

kinda ironic when you consider the majority of the unemployed people who the bill will benefit live here in michigan. . .


Laynie said...

In reading the online news for our state (TN) a story about how we are going to sue is right next to one about how wonderful this reform will be for our citizens, and especially for the clinics.

Joy said...

I read that these lawsuits might not have an effect and am trying to find out more about it. Hope they don't and also hope they don't clog the courts and delay help for so many.