Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DWTS Results Week 2

First couple safe - Buzz and Ashly. First couple in the bottom two - Pamela and Damien. She was shocked. Tom said that's the kind of week this is. I feel safe in predicting that she won't go home this week. I hope it's Kate.

The encore dance was Derek's and Nicole's jive that got two 10's - first time for that in week 2 ever! I really enjoy watching the pros dance together, and they had two numbers tonight. My faves Cheryl and Maks danced together to the Beach Boys.

Funny with the Len Commandments. Then Len said next week they want to see a story in the dance. That should be interesting. Hope Kate isn't there to put us through that. Tony keeps smiling a big smile. Maybe he knows something good like she will be gone!

Some Haitian ballroom dancers performed a dance to help support the earthquake survivors. The mambo champion told about and showed pictures of an adorable boy who was killed and was the son of a friend of his. Their dance was powerful and dynamic and was sponsored by Macy's. (Shout out to G!) They still need so much help there.

NO! NO WAY! Kate is safe. Crap! I hate this. Shannen goes home. Why couldn't it have been Kate to go first? Mark pulled a muscle and will be out for six weeks, anyway. Please send Kate away next week! Don't let this be like Master P and Billy Ray Cyrus I thought would never get voted off. Surely she doesn't have fans because of that reality show she was on! Well, someone watched it and kept it going, so yes I suppose she does. Poor Tony.