Monday, March 8, 2010


The Oscars went the way I thought/hoped they would. I'm really happy that Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges won. For the first time, I had Twitter on and enjoyed keeping Tugboat up to date on the winners. He was riding through a snow storm in Arizona part of the time. David, Froggy, Wonderman, Howard, and Beth were on from Blogland, which was fun. Among others, I follow Roger Ebert and Michael Moore, so their comments were interesting and informative during the Oscarcast.

I've decided I have low expectations for being entertained during the Oscars. Sure there are things that would definitely make it better, but I'm mostly interested in who won, what they say, who they are with, and what they are wearing. Occasionally the speeches are exceptional or so over the top that I remember them. I've always watched the show and added all the awards shows leading up to them. Don't judge. I like awards shows.


froggy said...

I'm pathetic, only saw one picture that was up for best picture.

Joy said...

I saw only two - The Blind Side and Crazy Heart. I probably won't see The Hurt Locker because I don't do well with war violence. I almost lost it during Platoon when they shot up that village similar to Lt. Calley at My Lai. I want to see Up in the Air, Precious, The Education, and some others.

Beth said...

I've only seen District 9, which I really liked.

The big buzz today is that nasty bitch who Kanye'd the one guy. Larry King had him on and he got to give his acceptance speech that she so rudely interrupted. I was glad for him. What is wrong with people, honestly? Do they not realize how horrible they appear when they do such things?!

Bob said...

I'm with you, Joy, I love a good awards show.

Sam said...

And I thank you so very completely for all the updates.
I'm proud to admit I love awards shows too. All of them even the CMA's and BET's.
Yes they are over the top and sometimes a snooze fest but it doesn't stop me from watching them.
I'm hoping to see the Hurt Locker soon.
Once again for all the updates it was the highlight of the night.