Monday, March 29, 2010

DWTS - 10 - Week 2

There was no elimination last week since it was the first dance for everyone. So now we have their second dances and learn more about them. This week is the jive and foxtrot.

Shannen and Mark - Jive. She was worried during rehearsal but did pretty well but not that great. Parts of it were OK, but her footwork was off, and her legs sort of went all over the place. The judges said her energy and performance style were good but lacked some control. Scores: 7/6/7 = 20 (38 for both weeks)

Aiden and Edyta - Foxtrot. Edyta is upset with him during rehearsal which frustrates him and makes it hard for him to concentrate. Seems early in the competition for them to argue like this. Well, despite how much Edyta doesn't want to have to go home this soon, Aiden isn't a good dancer. He was graceful at times but needed to focus. The judges said he did better than last week and improved. Hope he gets to stay a bit longer. Scores: 7/6/6 = 19 (34)

Evan and Anna - Jive. Good footwork, energy, and performance. They looked as if they had fun dancing which the judges will like. Yes, they did and praised him. Scores: 8/8/8 = 24 (47)

Niecy and Louis - Foxtrot. Graceful and fun at the same time. Good job! Len said she was a revelation and danced with ease, sophistication, and a bit of sassy. Bruno and Carrie Ann also like it. Scores: 7/7/7 = 21 (39)

Jake and Chelsie - Jive. He's struggling during rehearsal. Some of it was OK, but he'll be gone soon. The judges said his energy and determination were great but that he needs to work on precision and technique. Carrie Ann thought she saw a lift since she is the lift monitor and calls them out for doing one. Scores: 6/7/7 = 20 (40)

Buzz and Ashly - Foxtrot. They danced to "Fly Me to the Moon" and he walked through most of it but did remarkably well with his energy. He and his wife have had botox and other work done (esp his wife). She came to rehearsal, so we got a closer look. The audience gave him a standing ovation because of who he is, and why not? The judges said he made a nice effort. Scores: 4/4/4 = 12 (26)

Nicole and Derek - Jive. They had to jive to a contemporary song, and Nicole was worried that Len wouldn't think it's traditional enough and said she's afraid of Len. Looked good to me. I like her and hope she gets to the finals. The judges said she did a good job. Bruno stood up and said it was the best jive he's seen in all the seasons during week 2. Carrie Ann said it was perfection. Scores: 10/8/10 = 28 (53) First 10's!!

Erin and Maksim - Foxtrot. Erin is TALL, almost as tall as Maks. Oh, fireworks! Clash of the perfectionists! Lovely dance. She's elegant and graceful most of the time. The judges praised her and had a few criticisms. Len said he'd been watching the films of rehearsals and that the celebrities have three things to do: Show up, keep up, and shut up. Listen to their pros and trust them. Maks liked that. Scores: 8/7/8 = 23 (44)

Pamela and Damian - Foxtrot. Pamela danced the foxtrot as Marilyn Monroe very well. This isn't a foxtrot like I've seen before on here. They praised her dancing and performance and said she needs to work on posture (well, yes). Scores: 7/7/8 = 22 (47)

Chad and Cheryl - Foxtrot. Chad kept flirting with Cheryl, and she kept trying to get him to focus. They're cut together and funny. He's a little stiff and needs better posture but has some good moves. Len said he had terrible posture and was glad when it was over. Bruno said he had no musicality. Carrie Ann said he has good potential but needs to let go. Scores: 6/5/5 = 16 (34)

Kate and Tony - Jive. Tony said nothing in dancing is natural to Kate and that it's like teaching her a whole new language every time. Tony is frustrated and said he teaches teachers how to teach dancing and doesn't want her to tell him how to teach. Then he quit!!! Maybe she'll be voted off this week, and he won't have to work with her any more. He returned and worked with her. She sort of danced the jive and lost her footwork several times. She's very awkward. Please put her and Tony out of their misery! It's painful to watch her dance. Bruno said it was a nightmare. Carrie Ann said she made it through the routine. Len said for her to go for it and not go out as a wimp. Scores: 5/5/5 = 15 (31) Oh, please! She was worse than Chad.

Who do you think will go first? I think Buzz, Kate, and Jake will be the first ones but not sure in which order.

And now to find out what happened to Beckett on Castle! She has to survive because she's a co-star of the show. But how?


Sam said...

the tabloids said she was a terror, I guess it was true.

Joy said...

The worst!!

How's the vacation going?

Tivo Mom said...

I love reading your recaps on this since I do not watch. Is she (as in Kate) that bad? I have not been able to stomach her on the View but I thought it was just me. Anyway great details as always. Hope you are doing well. I love Spring Break. I can check in on my favorite friends.