Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today on Writer's Almanac, Garrison Keillor read a poem that way too many women can identify with. I found it online and copied and pasted it here with a link where you can hear it if you'd like.

Breaking Silence - For My Son

by Patricia Fargnoli

The night you were conceived
your father drove up Avon Mountain
and into the roadside rest
that looked over the little city,
its handful of scattered sparks.
I was eighteen and thin then
but the front seat of the 1956 Dodge
seemed cramped and dark,
the new diamond, I hadn't known
how to refuse, trapping flecks of light.
Even then the blackness was thick
as a muck you could swim through.
Your father pushed me down
on the scratchy seat, not roughly
but as if staking a claim,
and his face rose like
a thing-shadowed moon above me.
My legs ached in those peculiar angles,
my head bumped against the door.
I know you want me to say I loved him
but I wanted only to belong—to anyone.
So I let it happen,
the way I let all of it happen—
the marriage, his drinking, the rage.
This is not to say I loved you any less—
only I was young and didn't know yet
we can choose our lives.
It was dark in the car.
Such weight and pressure,
the wet earthy smell of night,
a slickness like glue.
And in a distant inviolate place,
as though it had nothing at all
to do with him, you were a spark
in silence catching.

"Breaking Silence—For My Son" by Patricia Fargnoli, from Necessary Light. © Utah State University Press, 1999. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)


#Debi said...

I can very much identify...

Dan said...

Very powerful. I couldnt help but imagine my mother in this situation.

Robinjokes said...

Good poem.The poem is about a mother's rememberence or her romantic sentiments with her husband when she was at her tender age and had pregnant. The whole poem describes the romance they did in their car far away from the city on the roadside rest up to the Avon mountain.
Reading this poem everyone can feel the very tender moment of their own life and their parents at the same time.