Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Retirement Bonus

I'm so glad I'm not teaching on April Fool's Day and was glad when it was on a weekend. I'm not a fan of practical jokes anyway. Just another good thing about being retired - there are so many!


David Dust said...

I HATE practical jokes because I hate looking stupid. I use to dread April 1st when I was a student - but I never thought how bad it might be for the teachers.


Joy said...

Brian used to go around with his shoe untied on April Fool's Day. When other students would tell him his shoe was untied, he'd say, "Oh, yeah, sure! I'm not falling for that!"

That kind of thing I can deal with but also hate practical jokes on me or anyone else. Candid Camera and Punked weren't that funny to me. I don't like for people to be embarrassed like that. Then if they don't take it well, they are called bad sports.