Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Meal at House Blend

Holly and Jeremy Spencer did it again. They prepared a wonderful meal last night at House Blend. Our group made our reservations as soon as we heard about it and all agreed that it was our favorite one so far. That is saying something because "Jolly" or "Hollemy" (my preference) serve meals that are not found in Dickson and in only a few places in Nashville. They are always delicious, perfectly prepared, and memorable.

I had the shrimp cocktail, which was roasted with garlic. Matthew had the pork, Paige and Tina had the bisque, and I got some later to take home and will have it for lunch. We all ordered the goat cheese salad and loved it. Paige and Matthew had the ravioli, and Tina and I had the beef for our entree. It was wonderful! Everyone loved what we had.

Tina and her son Matthew shared a piece of cheesecake, and Paige had the ice cream. I couldn't eat another bite even though I wish I could have since I love desserts and all of them looked great.

I managed to scan the menu and didn't have to type it this time. It's small, but you can click to embiggen.

What would you have ordered?

We really wish Hollemy would have these events every month the way they did in the summer and fall. Many of us have brought this up and know it is a lot of work for them, but we look forward to these fabulous meals in a friendly atmosphere with people we like being around. Our other option is to get a group together and have a catered meal. I'm so glad they did this and had a great evening at our Splendid Table!


frogponder said...

Read the menu and I think I'll have one of everything, please!!

Vicki said...

It was wonderful! Enjoyed seeing you there too! Enjoy the book!

Sylvia K said...

I'll join frogponder -- I'll take one of everything, too. Wow! does sound delish!

Bob said...

I'm all about the Asian BBQ Pork with the Wontpn, and then the Goat Cheese salad, and the White Cheddar and Walnut Encrusted Chicken.
For dessert it would be Carlos' choice because he has the sweet tooth!

Darn you Joy!
Now I am starving!!

Berry Blog said...

there's another motive for 3/6 of your house ( you're allowed one junk room)
Myu luncheon has been postponed tomorrow at Chinese-imagine my disappointment after the menu you just had. Not much, believe me.

David Dust said...

I was going to tell you what I would order, but Bob listed my choices EXACTLY - down to the fact that I'm not much of a dessert person.

Love you! ... Love your fancy dinners!!!


Femin Susan said...

Your blog is really interesting... Good Luck...keep writing.
Blessings to you and your family…….

#Debi said...

Sounds like I would have had the same meal as you, with the exception that I would have found some way to have room for Raspberry Tiramisu at the end...

Bob said...

Darn it, David,
How can you and I ever have a meal together and share our dinners, when we're going to order the same thing!

Think man!


Beth said...

roasted tomato caprese
lobster raviloi
molten hot fudge cake

damn auntie Flame!!! I'm hungry now!!! It all sounds so so good.

Jazzy said...

I would have what you had and it sounds soooo good! Is this the place in Charlotte?

Joy said...

No, they don't have the restaurant there any more. It's a book store. This is House Blend, the coffee shop on Main Street.

You need to come try out the new place Keegan's, that has Creole and Southern cooking. It's where Corner Bistro was. We can check it out for lunch sometime.

You're up late!

Jazzy said...

Yes! I'll be over that way soon and would love to try Keegan's.

Tried to sleep and couldn't. Decided to quit trying and just catch up on the computer.