Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am always doing better than I think I am.

I read this and thought this was a good reminder.
We are like the people Plato described, who live in dark cave for so long that when they finally see some light their eyes hurt and they run back into the darkness. But the darkness is not our destiny.

No matter how thick your dossier of what has gone wrong, you can start a new dossier now. All it takes is one person who is willing to see your higher possibilities. And if no one out there is doing that, let that one person be you.

Quit identifying with your difficulties, finding justifications for them, and arguing them. Become a force for your own potential. Shift your attention to what is going right and how great it could be. Take the affirmation, "I am always doing better than I think I am," for you are.


Berry Blog said...

I think after a while we get to an age where ups and downs are to be expected so we don't take life as dramatically. When things are bad for me, I just dig in, hunker down, and wait for it all to pass. I don't get as deliriously happy or as wildly depressed.
I cry a lot, and I laugh a lot. Life seems much clearer and more vivid now and easier to appreciate.

Mark in DE said...

In a striking moment of clarity I once told a friend who asked me what I was going to do in response to a terrible situation: "We have two choices: sink, or swim. I want to be happy so what am I gonna do? Swim. Hard."