Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Animals

If you haven't been to Zooborns, check it out. They have pictures and information about baby animals at various zoos. Here are some examples of cuteness that will make you smile despite yourself. There's a link to it over there under my blog list.

Mother and Baby (San Francisco Zoo)
This totally cracks me up!
I love this expression on the giraffe baby's face! (Buffalo Zoo)


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Our zoo in Houston just had a baby Giraffe last week! It's so cute!

Joy said...

I need to go to our zoo in Nashville and see those.

I'm thrilled you're commenting on my blog! Welcome!

Berry Blog said...

I think giraffes are strangely beautiful, still i can't help thinking even with the long graceful necks, it's still a long way to go to whisper sweet nothings in the ear

Bob said...

That last picture slays me.
It's what love looks like!

Kaylen said...

I haven't heard of that site before but definitely am going to LOVE it. There is nothing more wonderful than baby animals!! :)