Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hootie Hoo on NPR

"This American Life" had an interview with Carla this afternoon on NPR. I didn't get to hear it all, but Carla was gracious and composed. She said things fell apart when one of the sauces for her first course didn't work out and then she felt rushed and made some decisions she'd change if she could do it over. Carla also said that she didn't blame Casey and took full responsibility for everything. The interviewer mentioned how popular she was. Several callers echoed that and one asked if she were going to publish a cookbook. She said she was going to concentrate on her catering business and have a showcase kitchen for classes she'll teach with a chef's table up front. Those of you in the DC area can go there.

Top Chef has lots of fans. Now I wonder what will happen with Project Runway and hope that is settled soon.


Wonder Man said...

I would love to hear her on NPR, she's wonderful

ell said...

I've never watched Top Chef. It's on one of the cable stations not included in the package I get.

I am currently watching Project Runway Canada, hosted by Iman and mentored by Brian Bailey.

Bill Frederick said...

Hey @Wonder Man,

If you haven't got to hear Carla Hall's interview on NPR, you can listen to her at 'Top Chef' Finalist Carla Hall Cooks With Love, here:

I agree, she's wonderful and very gracious .... enjoy!