Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, I guess I need to let this go about Femin Susan. She might be Vermin Susan who is an enterprising, parasitic person making money from the creations of others. There are ads on all those blogs. As Miss Ginger Grant pointed out, she does seem to be a teenager in school in India. At least that's the impression from one of her blogs. That made me wonder if she knew what she was doing.

When I first left a comment, I said that she might not realize that she needed to give credit to the artists who created what she posted on her blog and gave her the benefit of the doubt. But then she deleted that comment as well as the nice one the pencil artist left saying that she didn't mind that she posted photos of her work and asked her to please give her credit for it. FS also deleted that comment. She did give Jennifer credit that is buried in one of the comments, but it should be on the home page where everyone can see it.

Now I wonder more about her (or him?) since I noticed all those ads on the blogs. She's making money from them. After seeing Slumdog Millionaire, I'm not sure what to think about what she's doing.


frogponder said...

I was wondering if she was thinking, 'if I ignore it, the problem will go away'?
Strange though, the eddies and currents of the internets that she ends up in our little puddle.

David Dust said...

"Vermin Susan" left a comment on my blog on Valentine's Day. And Frogponder is right - how did she stumble upon our little neck of the woods??

I say GO FOR THE THROAT, Auntie Flame!!!


Beth said...

ya! She's left comments on mine too....who the hell is she? and who let her in "the group"? I feel like one of those bitches from "Real Housewives of Oranage County"!!!!!!

Berry Blog said...

//she was probably one of those technicians we called for help with our computer problems and let her take over our desktops by remote for a few minutes.
I wonder at the business ethics of people from other countries, but lately I hang my head at the tactics of our own people. It's a moot question.