Friday, February 13, 2009

The Actor

This interview with Mickey Rourke on The Charlie Rose Show blew me away. It's insightful and inspiring in its own way. He's a good actor, but I never liked him and can understand now what it was that turned me off. He explains how devastating his divorce was for him and how he messed up his acting career and life. He was washed up as a boxer and lived in a dump. Mickey Rourke said although his life was hopeless, he still had hope. Unlike the main character in The Wrestler, he could change and did. After years of therapy, he said he worked hard and had learned the tools now that he didn't have back then. He fully accepts messing things up professionally and personally mostly because of his attitude which was made worse by the drugs and alcohol. I'm not defending him but just reporting what an outstanding performance he gave and how much I enjoyed this interview. I wouldn't want to spend time with him. Those complicated, screwed-up bad boys aren't for me.

If you have time to watch it, you'll see what I mean.

It gave me quite a bit to think about. This winter has been hard for me for some reason and definitely a winter of my discontent. It's difficult to describe right now, but I am ready for a change. It just feels too overwhelming.

David said something in a comment that I understand all too well. When I tell people I want to lose weight, feel better, get my house organized, and enjoy my life, it's not that I don't know how to do all of that. Hell, I could write books about it and conduct seminars! I KNOW what to do. That's not the problem, not at all. It's just doing it. I also know what that takes - doing it a step at a time until I feel better doing it and make it a habit. Concern, help, support, and encouragement help for sure, and I appreciate that tremendously. Without Sally, 2/7 of my house would still be in chaos. Knowing something intellectually and actually making a commitment to make changes aren't the same thing. So no matter how much well-meaning friends and family give us advice we already know, ultimately we have to make that decision and choice ourselves and overcome our weapons of self-destruction. (I got that term from Robin Williams, who should know.)


Mark in DE said...

Hmmm, did Mickey Rourke say anything about how his alcohol and drug addiction played into his 'hard life'?

In my own case, I often make too much of something in my mind and think I need to have a big chunk of dedicated time to get organized. In reality I have found that I can do a little each day and achieve just as much as if I had alloted one entire day to it.

Hope you find what works for you. Spring is on its way.

Joy said...

Yes, he has said he fucked up his life and career for 15 years and accepts responsibility for it.

I hope we have a long spring! I'm ready for it.

#Debi said...

I've been meaning to invite you to join Procrastinators Anonymous, but just haven't gotten 'round to it...

Jazzy said...

The interview was very interesting. I do want to see "The Wrestler" but given some of my past experiences listening to him and seeing the clips from the movie I actually feel like up-chucking...not sure I can make it through the movie. I'm really surprised just how repulsed I am at his physical looks, his explanation of his life, and the story line of the movie. It certainly is not fair as it seems he has really come a long way and I'm sure does a great job with the character. Surprise! Surprise! Guess I still have work to do.

Joy said...

Gotcha, Debi! LOL

I know, Jazzy (Linda), and I am the same way. I want to look away and can't believe how much his appearance has changed.

Berry Blog said...

I got a good belly laugh from Debi.I just tried to pawn off all my teaching files on a former student teaching in Mongolia. Dad suggested I take it to Wasteshare as the boy's moved on. damn, too late and I thought the Church would pay the shipping. so it's waiting again to hit that "downcellar".

I have a little trouble putting these famous people on pedestals when so many never receive accolades for such triumphs. He'll probably get a bevy of achievement awards now. What a hero.
I don't intend to miss the movie though. WWE is one of my secret indulgences.