Saturday, February 21, 2009

Independent Spirit Awards

There are some interesting awards here, aren't they?

Best Supporting Male - James Franco for
Milk (Is he gay?)
Best First Screenplay - Dustin Lance Black for
Milk (moving acceptance speech)
Best First Feature -
Synecdoche, New York - directed by Charlie Kaufman
Best Supporting Female - Penelope Cruz for
Vicky Christina Barcelona
John Cassavetes Award(Given to the best feature made for under $500,000) In Search of a Midnight Kiss - Alex Holdridge
Best Documentary - Man on Wire

Best Female Lead - Melissa Leo for
Frozen River
Someone to Watch Award - Lynn Shelton (It's a grant.)
Piaget Producers Award - Heather Rae for
Frozen River
Lacoste Truer Than Fiction Award - Margaret Brown (documentary)
Best Screenplay - Woody Allen for
Vicky Christina Barcelona
Best Foreign Film -
The Class
Best Cinematography - Maryse Alberti for
The Wrestler
Robert Altman Award - Charlie Kaufman and cast for Synecdoche, New York
Best Male Lead - Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler (a long OMG acceptance speech of sincere profanity - if he wins the Oscar, I hope he censors himself or it will all be bleeped)
Best Director - Tom McCarthy for The Visitor
Best Feature - The Wrestler

Now I need to see The Visitor, Frozen River, Synecdoche New York, Wendy and Lucy, Ballast, and Rachel Getting Married because I liked what I saw about them.


David Dust said...

I am not a big Awards Show person. I imagine I'll watch some of the Oscars - but I never see any of the movies, so it's usually sort of boring for me.

I wish we lived closer - so you could drag me out to the movies every once in a while.


As far as James Franco being gay - there have always been rumors. But any time an actor "plays gay", those rumors always surface. Case in point - Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. In many cases - it's just wishful thinking.

It wouldn't surprise me if Franco was/is gay, but I'm not sure if he is or not.

Bob said...

I think Franco has said he is not gay, but since making the movie and promoting it he has talked incessantly about kissing Sean Penn.

Joy said...

Interesting, Bob. Sean Penn doesn't look that appealing to kiss, but maybe so.

Yes, David, I'd get you out to the movies with me and all kinds of places! We could also couch down with DVD's, take-out, and popcorn at my place! I wish I lived closer for many reasons!