Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh the Horror!!

Well, I guess you've heard the news that Google Earth now included the ocean. You (intentionally saying YOU not I) can now explore the depths of the ocean, and I'm starting to hyperventilate just typing that. For those of you new to my blog, one of my fears (some say an irrational fear) is of those trenches in the ocean - especially the Marianas Trench which until now I could avoid by never going to Guam or even thinking about Guam. Not that I'll do it, but I could check it out, explore the Titanic, and travel all around under there. No, thanks!!

As soon as I heard about this on the news, I knew Earl would call me. He just did. He asked how I was in an off-hand kind of way, so I knew what was coming. He asked if I'd heard about ... and I interrupted him and said, "Google Earth? YES!!!" He laughed maniacally and kept suggesting that I watch it with a life jacket on and to start with shallow parts. There is a slight possibility that I might see if I can look at some of this.

One of the reasons I haven't gone on a cruise yet is the thought of all that deep water under the boat. There is no way I could travel on a ship all the way across an ocean. I went on a ferry from Ocracoke to Cedar Island in the Pamlico Sound where we couldn't see land, so it's not that.

It's knowing how far from land I would be. When I went to Europe, flying over the ocean didn't bother me. For one thing, that doesn't take as long, and the view from that high in the air doesn't look quite real. It was night during part of our flight, too. Also if the plane crashes, I'll be dead when I hit the water (I hope). If not, I'd have a worse fear than I would if I were on a ship or little island out in the middle of the ocean.

I'll calm down now or will when they quit reporting on Google Earth's new ocean feature!! Did I just cancel out my inspirational posts?


frogponder said...

Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy!!!!!!
Must go find out more!

Though I know the feeling. With me it was stepping out onto the deck (which is a scary thing to begin with) but looking up at the stars, and it was so cold out, and feeling like I was at the bottom of something a long, long way down and there was nothing between earth and the stars. Weird feeling.

ell said...

Ooooh. I love the big open spaces and depths of the sea! It's the small cramped spaces that I fear. I would be a terrible spelunker. Have you ever seen The Descent? They crawl into a tube that gets narrower and narrower until one of them gets stuck. That's what spooks me!

Berry Blog said...

when water skiing, or in deep water for any only a lake...I feel genuine panic. I KNOW I can tread water or swim for quite a while...but the feeling that it might be an eternity before my feet touch bottom just makes the world too big for me. It's all I can do to bluff laughing when the boat comes back around to pick me up. I am in near sheer panic.

Bob said...

I'm with Ell.
The water's fine; it's those tight places where you could get trapped, unable to move.......yikes!

Rhea said...

I went to Ocracoke once. Cool place. I like that it's a little hard to get to.

Joy said...

I like that about Ocracoke, too, Rhea. The drive there is pretty on the Outer Banks Scenic Highway. I enjoyed seeing Cape Hatteras and the wildlife refuges. I want to go back and might plan a trip there again soon.

Looking at that map reminds me of studying spits, sounds, and lagoons in physical geography. I really enjoyed that course.