Monday, February 9, 2009


Interesting line-up for the next DWTS season. We'll have to discuss this soon! No matter what, I end up watching the whole season.

The list: Lil' Kim, Steve-O, Nancy O'Dell, Lawrence Taylor, Shawn Johnson, Chuck Wicks, Gilles Marini, Denise Richards, Steve Wozniak, Belinda Carlisle, David Alan Grier, Ty Murray, and Jewel.

I don't know at least half of them. I like Jewel as a singer and Belinda Carlisle. Guess we'll see. The football players and Olympics medalists usually do well. It will be interesting to see who their professional partners/teachers will be.

Oh no! I heard about Denise Richards, and she'd better watch herself with Maks. Karina will cut a bitch with her fingernails!


Bob said...

I have never been able to get through this show. I think the cheese factor messes with my cholesterol and sends me into a dairy shock.


I just don't like the show.

PS. Welcome back Joy!

Berry Blog said...

understandable Bob- I have the same reaction to the Project runwaym the latest craze..Tools, and the RuPaul drag show. Just can't get down and dirty with them.
I was watching the international Dance show and it just seemed to disappear...was it a short series, disontinued..what? it was just GONE.
Joy...oh yes, this is Joy's Blog...well who knew? Just one surprise after another around here. Welcome uh...uh...Joy, that was it...Joy.
heh eheh...I'm expecting a full report on what your techie did to your computer as per what we discussed.
Lotsa hugs-

ell said...

I just looked at the line-up for this season. I can't say I'm too impressed. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Steve Wozniak is interesting, but I have a feeling he won't last long. :(

Dan said...

Steve- o, Little Kim?

I might even watch it this year just to see those train wrecks!

Joy said...

We don't all like the same things. As a friend of mine says, "That's why we have vanilla and chocolate." There are a bunch of shows I don't like either but do like both vanilla and chocolate. :-)

I agree, Ell, about Steve Wozniak. I can't see him being on past the first couple of shows. I like what I know about him and look forward to seeing what he's like.

Train wrecks for sure, Dan! Denise Richards, too! OMG! She's dancing with Maks and might get bitch-slapped by Karina!

No handicapped ones this time, is there?

Mark in DE said...

Denise Richards is a nasty, jaded, desperate woman. I will not be watching this 'reality' show either.

Jimbo said...

Can not WAIT! I love the show. I love Belinda Carlisle. The two together...YAY! She's very excited about being on the show. We exchanged messages on Facebook. I think she'll be good. There definitely are a couple trainwrecks. I think Denise Richards better watch her back. Karina is tiny but won't put up with any crap!

Joy, I can't wait...we're going to have a fun season, I think.

ell said...

I really have no respect for Denise Richards. I saw about 5 minutes of her reality show and that did it. As for the others, it will be interesting to see the pairings. Even thought the Olympians usually do fairly well, I don't know about Shawn Johnson. She's very young (just turned 17) and I'm not sure she's even seen half these dances before.