Tuesday, February 3, 2009


That E*Trade baby on the commercials cracks me up. The expression on his face and the way they synchronized his mouth with that voice! Good stuff! Now a new word from it - Shankapotamus! Hilarious! (David, maybe we can use Stankapotamus)

I removed them because they were encroaching on my margins and covering things up. You can see them here. The singing one is here.


#Debi said...

I have to say that the singing one is my favorite of the two, but both were very funny...

David Dust said...

That baby always creeps me out a little bit - but I LOL'd at the singing one.


P.S. "Stankapotamus" = Lisa from last season's Top Chef. :)

Bob said...

I need new glasses.

I thought it said Skankapotamus and couldn't understand the need for Stank......etc.

Now I get it.

cláudia tomazi in Brazil said...

Please I don't understand! The wolrd is crazy, nothing mor import.
The baby tall you, we do all.

Berry Blog said...

Oh dear...it's not real advice? I just switched everything over. If I burp the baby can I undo it all?