Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Week

I missed DWTS while I was on the cruise and decided not to recap it this week. This season hasn't been that interesting, so I'm not sure I'll recap any more of them. I might just write about them a little.

For almost a week I've been sick with sinus problems and went to the walk-in clinic Sunday to get meds to keep it from going into bronchitis. I got prescriptions for a Z-pack and Flonase spray. I already have prescription Allegra and have been taking all those and whatever else helped like chicken noodle soup. I'm feeling better.

Tuesday I went to Yarn Frenzy, a new yarn shop a friend opened several weeks ago, to take a class to make a hat. So far I've just made simple scarves. Some of us who knitted at a coffee shop on Tuesdays hang out there now. It's a fun group, and I enjoy the social part of it all.

Yesterday I stayed home and read American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson. Thank goodness I'm past the drunk and disorderly part. I dated some guys like that and it brought back memories. I really like his show and knew some of this since he tells about some of it. He's pretty hard on himself, but it sounds as if he was out of control for quite a while. I worked at Feet & More today and read more of it since the owners took the afternoon off to go to Nashville to celebrate their anniversary. Only about five customers came in and several called for appointments and information. Nice afternoon!

Then I headed over to Yarn Frenzy and had fun with Tina, Emma, Yvonne, Hope, and Diane. We ordered pizza and laughed and knitted. All this time I've been a social knitter but now am wanting to try more adventurous (for me at my skill level) projects. I don't expect to ever be that great at it but might make a few neat things.

The rain is knocking too many leaves off the trees before they finish turning colors.


Bob said...

Glad you're feeling better. Chicken soup really is a cure-all.....or chicken'n'dumplings. MmmmmmmmmGood.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes, feel better.
And I, too, want to learn to knit better than I do. I love the idea of sitting around with friends and knitting. So cozy, so friendly, so lovely.

ell said...


Just trying to catch up on your blog. I've been away from blog & forum-land for a few months (part of the time on a cruise, too) and was happy to see your cruise pics. (Not so happy that you've been feeling poorly.)

Re the Senor Frog pictures: I think I might have had a little "accident" with those sombreros (I hear straw burns well).



mistress maddie said...

I'm so glad to hear your feeling better! I guess it goes with these temps this time of the year. And I have found many returning Reality shows to be very boring this year. No intresting people at all. My mother is a die hard fan of DWTS and SHE isn't even watching it! If she isn't watching it must be boring.

Joy said...

Ell, so good to hear from you again! Where did you go? If I hadn't been so overheated almost to the point of heat exhaustion, I would have asked if anyone wanted to leave with me and go eat lunch somewhere else. They all would have, I'm sure.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you feel better soon.