Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Orleans

Murals in the hotel in New Orleans.

The Mississippi River from Riverwalk on the way to the streetcar stop.

On the Streetcar not named Desire ... Actually, it's the Riverfront. They cost $1.25 to ride but .40 for seniors!! Such a deal! Tina had to pay full price. Left to right - Linda, Tina, Janie, and Dick.

Yes, we did! Beignets and café au lait at the Café Du Monde! You can't eat them without being messy. Tina unwisely wore black.

Dick, the waitress, Janie

Here's our carriage driver Brendan Finn McSomething who told us interesting stories during the tour.

Front seat left to right - Tina, Janie, Dick Back seat left to right - Linda and me

Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop - the oldest bar in America (1772). Check it and the other 10 oldest bars in the US out HERE. They have curb service. The waitress came out to the carriage to take our order, but it was a little early in the day for us. In New Orleans you can take drinks out on the sidewalk, and the bars are open 24/7 except for an hour on Ash Wednesday from midnight until 1:00 AM. It's definitely a party town!

It's Voo Doo!

Linda and I walked around the French Quarter while the others rode the Canal Street Trolley to the end and back through the Garden District. We happened upon Touché where a friend of Dan's is bartender. I went in and asked an attractive woman behind the bar if her name might be Donna. She said it was, and I told her that Dan from Chicago told me to stop by and tell her hello. She smiled a huge smile and asked how he was and said she'd lost his phone number when she changed cell phones, so I gave it to her. I told her I'd never actually met Dan in person but knew him through blogs. Donna said I'd love him because he's so sweet and nice. I told her I could tell that from what I knew about him already and looked forward to meeting him in person. I told her my name and about "Auntie Flame" - we hugged each other and I let her get back to work. No pictures unfortunately. This is on Dumaine.

Home of the famous Muffaletta!

Blue Dog paintings by George Rodrigue. More HERE

We all met at the Gumbo Shop for dinner (another suggestion by Dan) and totally enjoyed it. Linda and I stopped in earlier for a bowl of gumbo and based on the menu wanted to have dinner there, so we suggested it to the group. Everyone thanks Dan!

End of the day at Pat O'Brien's

I have more New Orleans and cruise pictures I'll post on Facebook.


frogponder said...

Is such a fun city. My folks lived in Baton Rouge in the 80s and we went down to New Orleans a lot. Once my mom and I went out into the French Quarter at night and went one street too far. It changes, dramatically, and we noticed red lights in windows and ladies with the red lights and boy did we hightail it back a couple of streets!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We went to New Orleans for our Honeymoon, and also in 2005 with some friends. We love it, and it is never to early for a cool beverage in NOLA :o)

Beth said...

Mmmm, beignets. Mmmm, muffulettas. Mmm, Pat O'Brien's! LOL

Love Lafitte's. I've read some accounts that date it to the late 1600's, but I don't think they can pinpoint it. We like going there late at night for a Bailey's.

NOLA...there's no place like it! Hugs, Beth

David Dust said...

I am SO jealous. New Orleans is my absolute favorite city in the world (other than NYC, natch).


Kyle said...

Just as beautiful as it was when I last saw it.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Interesting story about Lafittes Blacksmith Shop... up until the late 70's it was a gay bar. Then, when the Vieux Carre Commission detrmined that the reason that crime was so rampant in the quarter and tourists were scared to go there was because the city's oldest building was occupied by a gay bar. So they threw them out. Not to be squelched, those clever queens rented a space a block away and opened "Cafe Lafitte in Exile", which still operates 24 hours a day across the street from Clover Grill!

lelocolon said...

Oh great pics, Brendan is adorable.

Dan said...

oh Auntie Flame!!!! It looks like you ahd a blast!