Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carnival Fantasy Cruise Ship

There's no way to have taken pictures of being herded through the masses to get on board. We had a taxi ride to the pier which cost $40 (not counting tip) to go about three blocks, and he didn't even touch the luggage. The concierge and guys at the pier did it. After this happened again when we got back, we figured out we needed to check the rates on the cabs. Those red cabs charged $8 and $7 a person! It said that or the meter, which they didn't turn on! Live and learn, huh? Some of the other taxis don't charge that much and go by the meter on short trips. It cost us $11 on a white cab from Amtrak to the hotel which was farther.

When we first saw all those people in lines in a huge room, it was overwhelming! But we got through it and made it on the ship and into our stateroom. Tina and I stared at each other like, "What have we gotten ourselves into?" All those Wal-Mart people and noise and no quiet places! Later on as we found places to go, it was fine and we had fun.

Our room. It's small but efficient - just like the bathroom.

We left our room and went on the Promenade Deck where we spent a lot of our time, and watched as the ship sailed down the Mississippi, which is 110 miles long through the Mississippi Delta to the Gulf of Mexico and takes 8 hours. Since the ship left New Orleans around 4:00 PM, it was dark during most of it. We watched from the Promenade Deck until we had to go to dinner.

Later on, we could see lights from oil refineries along the way. Here they are in the daylight.

I'd like to take that trip during daylight and see more of it sometime.

We saw some of the lights from the windows while we were having dinner in the dining room. Here are Tina and I getting ready to order.

Gwynn and Linda sat across the table from us.

Janie and Dick sat to our right.

Emma and Jeanette were at the table to our left.

Marilyn and Paula sat across from Emma and Jeanette.

This is one of the towel animals our steward left in our room - a different kind every night.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the towel animals, it is so unique to cruising :o)

Sam said...

I cant wait to hear about how small the bathroom was...

Kyle said...

I like the towel animals! Clever. Your cabin looks like it was comfortable.

Wonder Man said...

I like the towel animals too