Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Sunday Mother and I met Brian, Melissa, and Brendan for lunch to celebrate Mother's Day together and had a great time. I'm excited about the summer programs Melissa found for Brendan to participate in. Goodwill is sponsoring a summer session for autistic kids that his CBIP teacher in the elementary school he attends will conduct. She's really good, so it will be great for him. He's also going to social skills "camp" a couple of evenings a week which should be interesting. Can't wait to hear what he says about that even though it might be much later. Hard to tell. He's also been taking private drum lessons on Music Row every week and is doing well with that. Melissa said she thought it was helping him focus at school.

I'm so proud of Brian and Melissa! First of all, they have a wonderful relationship, and their marriage is a true partnership. That foundation helps Brendan, too, because of the love and security he gets from it. They are involved parents and do everything they can for Brendan. Because of it, he thrives.

I heard from Kathy, and we had a good, long conversation. I'm so fortunate she found me and that we have a close, loving relationship. What a lucky mother I am! And daughter, too! My mother set the tone for this for us as her mother did for her. And on it goes!


froggy said...

>of the love and security he gets from it. They are involved parents <

Makes ALL the difference in the world doesn't it? I heard through the school grapevine that our school pysch said the same about us and our dyslexic kiddo. One of the things that helped me hang on.

Wonder Man said...

this is good to hear

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you are OK there, and that you had such a wonderful Mother's Day.

lelocolon said...

Great for u you. I am glad you have such a wonderful family.

Berry Blog said...

Yep, born okay the first time