Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Fell but I Got Back Up

I fell yesterday after not having jury duty. There were three potential jury trials, but two were settled and the defendant didn't show up which is a whole other charge. They said they'd take care of him. Anyway, I was talking to my former student/sequestered roommate outside the courthouse on the way to my car. She wanted me to meet her boyfriend who drove her there. I turned around to go and tripped over these dumb decorative things they added to the Square several years ago. Mother and I have never understood why they did it because cars have to avoid them and people obviously trip over them. They're taller than the height of a speed bump about like a curb with flowers planted inside. I tried to grab the truck to brace myself from the fall but that didn't work. I landed on my left knee and elbow and apparently my right hand. It seems to go in slow motion when you fall. Have you noticed that? My knee has an abrasion on it and my elbow is all bruise and I'm a little sore. I need to pay more attention. I guess my bones aren't too bad since nothing was broken, thank goodness.

When I fell out of TPAC after seeing Jersey Boys, I fell on my right knee and arm and scared Tina to death. I told her this might balance things out. She said it's not all about balance. That fall hurt more than this one did. Maybe I did catch myself on the truck some even though that didn't stop the fall. I can't remember that part because it all happens so fast even though it feels like slow motion.

If you look carefully in these photos, you can see those obstructions. Charlotte is composed of one square around the old courthouse that's used for general sessions court and a few other things. The new courthouse isn't pictured in these. Yes, it's a very small town and where I'm from. My mother and other relatives still live there. These photos show some of the buildings on the Square.

The "new" courthouse, bank, election commission office, and other office building are on the right of this part and can't be seen in the photo. The thing I tripped on wasn't as tall as this one and is off the bottom of this photo unseen.

See how that one juts out in the way of cars? No reason to be out there like that but isn't as noticeable when cars are parked all along there. See those iron things sticking up from the wall around the old courthouse? They were used to hitch horses to. Those two building are old, too.

Charlotte has the oldest courthouse in the state that is still used.


Bob said...

I'm a tripper.
Actually, I a stepper-off-the-curb-and-landing-on-my-foot-wrong-and-tearing-ligaments kinda guy.
Glad you're okay.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i am so sorry you fell i always trip over the 'accessible' curbs myself.

i'm a little behind on my reading, didnt you just have jury duty???


froggy said...

Ouch!!! Wasn't there a lawyer close by to say, 'let's sue!'.

Wonder Man said...

glad you are okay

David Dust said...

Are we going to have to get you one of those First Alert "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!" thingys????

Glad it wasn't too serious.


Mr.Mischief said...

I trip all the time but never hit the ground-can't afford a trip right now with the way the economy is......budumbum

mistress maddie said...

Oh Auntie Flame, please be careful girl! If anyone is going to trip it should have been me when you were here. There is plenty to trip over in the street and side walks of Philly! Thats why when a get dronk, the boy toy escorts me!!!

SteveA said...

Thank goodness all is OK!

Berry Blog said...

I'm glad this came up in our on line chat so I could scroll back and see it. Seems an oddity in landscaping. Charming little town all the same. when we first started talking about it I thought you still had bruises from a fall some time back and it just didn't sound right. I wasn't aware this was so recent but am certainly glad you are a tough little delicate southern belle.